What’s a Skipper?

Some men sit on the riverbank, thinking they’re not ready for the waves. Some stand in the boat, pretending to sail while it’s tied to shore. Some are either too bold, eager, or stupid to hold off. They become skippers by default. This site is dedicated to helping skippers learn the ropes.


Life is tumultuous, and being responsible for more lives than your own, well, that’s tough. And it’s impressive. Men who make that jump early should be praised, not chided; helped, not ignored.

Skipping bachelorhood isn’t a concept, a command, or an ideal; it’s simply a choice to brave responsibility earlier than modern Western culture recommends. Posting the experiences of young men who have skipped, their wives thoughts, inspiration from folks like Jack Whinery, and, hopefully, just some basic help for young guys facing the challenges usually reserved for men five or ten years older. This site refers to young men of this type as skippers.

Enjoy skipping. Welcome to the fleet!

-Skipper Armstrong