Quick Skip: Speaking with Maturity

One of the guys giving a speech in front of the factory to garner support from his co-workers for his petition for management to re-paint the stripes in the parking lot. We’re still not sure why he was so passionate about changing the color from yellow to white.

We here at Skipping Bachelorhood understand that if you’re a skipper, your time is at a premium so we strive to make our entries here concise and to maximize the practical help provided to our readers so that time spent here is well invested.  For precisely that reason today ‘s topic is one we’ve touched on before and will again.  Today’s Quick Skip is “10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day” from the entrepreneur and business website Inc.comJeff Haden provides simple but powerful changes you should implement to your speech patterns to save you and everyone you interact with lots of time energy and emotion by avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts. His target audience is people in management, but the phrases he provides can and should be used with almost everyone you know. Better your communication skills by starting to use these today; you and your family will benefit greatly from the effort.