Time to Run a Diagnostic


Running our laminating machine is so much fun that we play ninja-pirate-monkey-zombie-robot to see who gets to spend all playing with its levers, gears, and rollers make up the next batch of tags.

Every broom we make here at the factory gets a special tag put on it.  Made out of laminated card-stock and tied to the broom with old-fashioned hemp twine is a tag that provides care and maintenance instructions which, if followed. will guarantee our artisan brooms will last long enough for your great-great-grandkids to marvel at its incredible handcrafted quality when they look through photos of your authentic and free-spirited broom-hopping ceremony; unfortunately that probably won’t stop them from laughing at how you got married in your lens-less hipster glasses and skinny jeans.  Point is, if you want something to last you have to take care of it.  Thus today’s post.

Skipping Bachelorhood is devoted to providing practical help to Skippers, and what, I ask you, could be more practical than a diagnostic test to help you know when your marriage needs a tune up? In a blog post that’s a quick read but helpful and thought-provoking, Dave Willis gives 4 signs that your marriage is in trouble, so that when you see them you recognize them and “take quick action to resolve them [to save] yourself and your spouse a lot of unnecessary heartache down the road.”

So Skip, head on over and read up, then talk about the article with your wife: she’ll be thrilled to see you taking initiative in talking about your relationship, and she’ll thank you for it. You’ll thank me for it later.