Quick Skip: Leave the Midnight Oil

Pictured: midnight oil burning at work. Not pictured: family.

Pictured: midnight oil burning at work. Not pictured: family.

There’s a guy here at the Broom Factory who always stays late. He’s a hard worker, no doubt, and he’s always got nicely crafted broom handles. Beautiful. Art, really.

You know what we call him? “Single.”

That’s right. I mean, we don’t call him “Single” as in “Hey, Single, nice broom,” but as in, “Jack-o, you got a date tonight or you still single?” You know. And there’s nothing wrong with singleness, despite the name of the blog. We applaud it in some. It worked pretty well for some guys — Jesus, for starters. But they weren’t bachelors in the happy-go-lucky-blow-my-cash-on-myself way. They were just single. And they could afford to stay late at work or wherever.

For you skippers who’ve got families, our word to you today is simple: Do not stay late. Leave the midnight oil unburnt.

You’re only home, what, five hours when your kids are awake? If you must give up some personal time for work, skip lunch. Or fry your mind a little by bringing your work home and getting to it when everyone goes to bed. You’re young, so spend the energy of youth going hard on work and family. It’s not a zero-sum.