Tales from the Skipped: Rock Star Bob

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There’s a skipper in Michigan whose nickname is Rock Star Bob, and he deserves it.

Bob married his high-school sweetheart a couple years ago, and they’re expecting their first. Good on ’em! But that’s not all they’re expecting.

See, Bob’s wife is one of her parents’ four biological children. Besides her three natural sisters, she has three adopted sisters who have Down Syndrome. During their teens, the biological sisters agreed to each house one of the adopted sisters when the parents became older and found helping their adopted children difficult. A super noble agreement, but many teenagers’ plans never see the light of adulthood’s day. In fact, as each girl came of age, she decided the task was too much. Except Bob’s wife.

Bob and his wife offered to bring all of her adopted sisters into their home, just as they’re planning on bringing in their own child. All their plans for the future, however grandiose or mundane, shifted to bear the responsibility they accepted. What a couple of rock stars!

What would happen if more people decided to wrap their lives around responsibility and love instead of personal dreams? What if personal dreams became equivalent to responsibility and love?

Surprisingly, admiration isn’t the most common response Bob gets when people hear his story. Many people ask “Are you sure?” and “What about xxxxxxx?” Maybe that’s part of the reason people like Bob are so rare; our culture questions the noble things and accepts the self-oriented. Maybe if we started praising people like Bob first and actual on-the-Top-40 rock stars second, more people would dare a little responsibility.