Quick Skip #3: Responsibility Sculpts You

This is third in a series from Skipper Reneau. Read more of his stuff at michaelreneau.com.

If this is responsibility sculpting you, responsibility boasts a thick mustache.

If this is responsibility sculpting you, responsibility boasts a thick mustache.

On some days it’s easy for me to look at all this and feel awfully full of myself: “Look at what I’ve accomplished at such a young age!” And then, about 10 minutes later, I’ll do something horrible — snap at our toddler, put a task off on my wife, drop the ball on a project at work — and realize how incapable I am in all the spheres of responsibility I have. Taking on so much has shown me how selfish I am — to the core of my being — but how God works in spite of that. In fact, he’s using all these responsibilities to rub off those crusty, calloused edges I find myself feeling braggadocios about. And in my admittedly few moments of clarity, I see how fortunate I am to be married to a woman who is devoted to Christ, would do about anything under the sun for me, gives of herself all day everyday to our boys, and who possesses more wisdom already than I think I’ll ever attain.

Time management has also grown in importance since being married, mostly out of necessity. I’m introverted by nature, so my tendency is to sneak away on my own to read, write, or do whatever. But now, my time is not my own. Somehow we’ve managed this year to (hopefully) not ruin our kids while I work during the day and make time for freelancing at night. And, since moving so far away from our dearest friends and family (though we have so many wonderful friends in Colorado), our marriage continues to get stronger. That takes intentional time management, and I’m thankful we’ve been afforded opportunities to do that. I’m grateful that we’re never, ever bored.