Don’t Kill Time; Resurrect It!

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When you’ve got a minute to spare, and you probably have more than you think, don’t “kill time.” Your time is dear–it’s your life, after all, and your family needs you to spend it responsibly. But if you do find yourself killing time, resurrect it with these pointers.

If you’re killing your lunch break…

Don’t just get on Facebook! You can use this time to pay your bills online, to balance your checkbook, or just to take a walk! If you’ve got an hour, consider working out.

If you’re at your computer with fifteen minutes before shift ends…

Don’t go to some time-waster site or read through comments on YouTube! Send your Mom a nice email.

If you’re stuck in a pointless meeting…

Don’t nod off or doodle! Grab that notebook you’re not using and outline a project you’d like to do sometime in the future–blueprints for a patio, thoughts for a blog, whatever.

If you arrive for an appointment early…

Don’t slip into a coffee shop just to have something to do, wasting time and money! Keep a book or e-reader with you at all times. Skipper Jameson here at the broom factory started this habit when he was dating (read: waiting for his girlfriend to show up), and he’s never looked back.

If you’re stuck on a long car ride…

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Don’t repeat the same songs you’ve heard a zillion times so these meaningless lyrics become a mantra! Listen to something new that stimulates you if you’re bored, calms you if you’re emotional, or better yet, helps you learn about your loved ones (yeah, audio-book those babies).

If you “just need to relax for a minute…”

Don’t sit and stare into space! Actually participate in a soothing activity, listening to music or practicing a deep-breathing exercise.

If you walked to the fridge out of boredom…

You’ve got time to be bored? Don’t just eat your kid’s food! Actually make something that takes thought!

You’re too important to be wasting your energy and your time. Skip all that bachelor-style emptiness. What are your tips?