Quick Skip #1: Someone Wants to Help!

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Everybody needs something. You think your needs are unique. Probably not. In fact, there’s probably someone who would thrill at the thought of doing just what you need. Here’s your quick skip: talk about what you need openly and often. Someone could hear it and help.

From the Front Lines

One of the skippers here at the broom factory just finished a first draft of a novel. Wiped out from the work that required on top of his day job and his husbanding/parenting/skipping, he groaned at the thought of sweeping through it for grammar. Fortunately, his wife was talking him up, and one of her friends just happens to love the genre, love grammar, and love editing. In fact, this friend offered to read the whole manuscript and comb it for grammar and style snafus.

Talk about what you need, openly and often. Your pressing need is another person’s recreation.