Like Jack Whinery


Meet the Whinery family: Jack, Edith, and their five children, Laura, Velva Mae, Wanda, AJ, and Lawrence. This photo was taken in 1940, when they were homesteading in Pie Town, NM. Jack was 33, Edith 31.

They had all of 30 cents when they made it to Pie Town. But back then, capital meant more than money. And comparative youth meant hard work. Jack built his own plow so they could tend their land; if they didn’t tend it, they’d lose it. They kept going. You can read more of their story here:

I know a lot of guys that have a few things in common with Jack. They’re too young, too broke, and too committed to be “successful.” I’m one of them. But I’ve not only seen the picture of Jack posted above. I’ve seen this one:


There are times to stare hard at the future, to tighten your jaw and your belt. These times are important. But there are also times to smile, and I think men like me, men whose age labels us little more than boys but whose experience disagrees, we should celebrate those. That’s what this blog is for. Because there’s a better life than that of the carefree bachelor–that of the careworn man.